Nirvanalps Cards

Here are few simple steps to understand the system:

  1. First, we will provide you the card (we can send it to you by postal mail or you can get it at any sales office.

  2. As soon as you have your card, you have to activate it in your Nirvanalps account. You just have to go in you personal space, in "My cards" menu. Then, follow the instructions and fill the form with your card number and cryptogram, and validate.

  3. Your card is now activated and you are ready to earn points!

If you use your member card before activate it, no problem!
Your purchases will be saved in our system, the points will be added to your account during the winter season when you will activate your card.

And for the tenants, you need the Apartment Card!

If you are nirvanalps Premium, we will provide you an apartment card that is similar to the member card system of Nirvanalps, if your appartment is validated..
Just follow the activation steps described before and then give your Aparment Card to the people using your apartment. They will have to show it before the buy of ski passes to make you earn points. They will benefit of a 2% discount too.

More practical: the Apartment Card comes with three keyring mini cards to allow you to attach them with your apartment keys. You will never miss points again!


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