The Premium account

The Premium account is made for Owners who invested in our ski resorts of Les Arcs / Peisey-Vallandry.

The Premium account includes the Nirvanalps loyalty card and it allows you to access to several additional advantages according to your utilisation of your apartment.

Here is a presentation of the different services and advantages proposed by Nirvanalps. Depending on your profile, you can discover at a glance which solutions are best suited for you!

  "Non Renting" profile "Direct Renting" profile "Professional Renting" profile
Your benefits I am not renting my appartment because I keep it for myself I rent my appartment by myself and I am in direct touch with my clients. I can lend my appartment to my family and friends too.
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I entrust my apartment rentals to a professional.
I make several stays during the winter season in my apartment.
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Discount on your purchases I get a discount on my personal purchases of ski passes in sales office.
Available products list
Early booking on Season Ski Passes I am skiing frequently in the winter season                      
Member Card I earn points on my personal skipasses purchases      
Apartment Card I earn points on my appartment’s occupants (paying or not) skipasses purchases.      
Reward I rent my apartment, but I am not in direct contact with tenants (so I can not earn points on their purchases), I receive a discount on my personal purchases of ski passes
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Dedicated services I have a dedicated phone number and email to help me in the use of the loyalty program.      
Dedicated events I receive invitations to attend special events and VIP events prior to and during the winter season      
Exclusive information I receive EXCLUSIVE information      


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